At Bio Energy Medical Center, we use natural remedies such as acupuncture,homeopathy, vitamin/nutritional/herbal support, therapeutic diets, and lifestyle modifications to treat the underlying causes of illness, rather than simply treating various symptoms. We use pharmaceuticals when clearly needed. We believe that your manifestation of wellness or illness is caused by the unique way in which your individual biochemical and genetic makeup interacts with everything to which you are exposed—from food you eat, to the air you breathe, to the water you drink, to the environmental pollutants and toxins you absorb, to the thoughts you think. Many medications only treat and suppress symptoms without addressing underlying causes. Using an integrative approach to your health concerns, we strive to understand the root cause(s) of your condition(s) and correct any underlying biochemical imbalances to ultimately heal.

We treat adults and children with many underlying medical conditions. We have found success in many areas where traditional medicine offers an approach that treats symptoms only. Some common conditions we see are: ADD/ADHD, Anxiety/depression/mood problems, Asthma, Autism, Autoimmune illnesses, Behavioral issues, Chronic constipation, Chronic fatigue, Developmental delay, Diabetes/Metabolic syndrome, Eczema, Food allergies, Gastro-intestinal disorders (IBD, IBS, etc.), Gluten intolerance/celiac disease, Heart Disease, Heavy metal/environmental toxicity, Hormone Imbalances, Hypertension, Multiple sclerosis, Pain, Parkinson’s disease, Speech delay, Sensory integration disorders, Thyroid disorders, Weight issues, Women’s Health, and many others.

We believe that the time spent with our patients is one of the most important aspects of our care. We spend the time necessary to understand your unique physical, emotional, psychological, social, and spiritual needs. Treatment plans are carefully devised to meet your unique needs, and thorough follow-up is ensured through office visits or telephone consultations. Treatment plans are guided by a thorough and comprehensive history, and review of pertinent blood, urine, stool, or other testing. Please allow at least 90 minutes for your first appointment.

The wait to see Dr. Neuenschwander, Ivy Carson, and Maria Gahry generally runs three to four months; however, they do have a cancellation list that allows many patients to get in earlier to consult with them. Our other providers can usually accommodate appointments within a few days.

Finally, please remember in this office, appointments are reserved exclusively for you as we do not double book any appointment. All of our providers have a waiting list. Our policy on cancellations, rescheduling, and no-show appointments are as follows: For Dr. Neuenschwander, Ivy Carson, and Maria Gahry two business days’ notice is required or 100% of the fee for that appointment will be charged to reschedule. For our other providers, if an appointment is broken without at least one full business day, you will be charged 50% of the fee for that appointment. You will need to pay this fee before rescheduling. We look forward to meeting your needs and helping you on your journey to optimal health.

Our fees are very reasonable for the care you desire and deserve. The fee is determined on complexity, length of time, and severity of the condition. Our office fees range from $150 to $525 for an Initial Consultation and $110 to $300 for Follow-up Consultations. Dr. Neuenschwander’s fees are $350.00 per hour or $175.00 for 30 minutes. Initial consultations are generally scheduled for one hour ($250.00) and follow up consultations are generally scheduled for 30 minutes ($140.00) for our other providers. Special complex cases may require two hour initial visits or one hour follow up visits. Many services are able to be submitted for insurance coverage if medically necessary and/or covered by your policy by some of the providers.

Bio Energy Medical Center mails out forms for Initial Consultations and to Autism Patients. Please download the appropriate forms for Acupuncture, and Homeopathy—to fill out and bring with you to your appointment.

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