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Specialized Testing



Bio Energy Medical Center must assess the mode of detoxification to match a person's toxicity and if a person is capable of handling the detoxification process. If there is any question - a liver detox profile or a biochemical profile is performed to evaluate the client’s ability to detox. Tests are chosen depending on a person’s history, exposure and symptoms. 

Bio Energy Medical Center uses the following tests to inventory a person's toxicity: 

Urine Metals Challenge Test - measures heavy metal levels in the urine in response to a chelator (a medication that binds and removes metals). 

Darkfield Microscopy - is a blood test in which we take a drop of blood and look at it immediately using a special form of lighting that allows us to see living cells without staining. It provides a look at overall health, microorganisms may be detected, distortions of red blood cells (can reflect nutritional status), and possibly undesirable bacterial or fungal life. 

Stool Testing - we use a lab that does DNA testing of stool samples for abnormal bacteria, yeast, and parasites. We also have a simpler test that does a culture - but frequently, parasites and anaerobic bacteria do not show up in a culture. 

Max Pulse Screening - this 3 minute cardiovascular **assessment will provide valuable information to determine your risk for cardiovascular related disease. The Max Pulse device utilizes pulse wave analysis technology. The blood's pulsate is followed from the time it leaves the heart and travels through the blood vessels down to the finger. The pulsewave is a snapshot into the cardiovascular system and evaluates arterial elasticity (arterial stiffness), which is related to 
atherosclerosis. Arterial stiffness is a major cardiovascular risk factor. 

E-Map - tests the body’s subtle energy circuits to determine the presence of toxins. It can measure toxicity such as candida, heavy metals and environmental or food sensitivities. E-Maps has the ability to check remedies, supplements or medications for effectiveness in your body. Frequently, this is the most sensitive test for determining toxicity. 

MELISA Testing - this is using a newer technology to determine the reactivity of the immune system to chemical compounds. The more reactive the immune system is to a toxin, the more toxicity symptoms develop. Melisa testing measures that immune reactivity. (needs another sentence) 

Urine Porphyrins - is another test to determine the presence of toxicity from heavy metals and certain environmental compounds. Porphyrins are the intermediate steps in creating heme, which we use in our blood. These compounds will interfere with those steps and create imbalances that suggest toxicity. 

ELISA - is a blood test to determine the reactivity of the immune cells to different heavy metals. 

Cytokine Stimulation - is a blood test that determines how reactive the immune cells are to different infectious agents and can identify chronic inflammation/infection. 

Liver Detox Profile - is a blood and urine test that helps measures the liver’s detoxification pathways. It does not specifically measure toxins, but these pathways are critical. 

NutrEval - is not a specific measure of toxicity either, but it gives clues as to the state of the intestinal bacterial balance, the function of the mitochondria (energy production), the level of oxidative stress and levels of critical components of detoxification.

Specialty Lab Work

Bio Energy Medical Center's testing is used to identify core clinical imbalances that are contributing to your health problems. Testing may be used to assess nutritional status, digestive health, amino acids, fatty acids, organic acids, oxidative stress, vitamin levels, hormones, detoxification capacity, mitochondrial function, food/environmental sensitivities, neurotransmitter levels, adrenal stress, cholesterol and heavy metal toxicity. Tests may be run on urine, stool, blood, or hair. Your therapeutic plan and nutritional supplementation recommendations will be customized based on your presenting signs and symptoms along with test results.

Your provider will determine which tests may be most appropriate for you. Taking into account how much testing you would like to do and your financial resources - an individualized testing plan will be devised. The cost of tests varies significantly. Some tests can be run through a standard lab that is likely to be covered through your insurance company. Other testing may need to be run through specialized labs, some of which may be covered or partially covered by your insurance. Costs for individual tests range between $62 and $850. Testing can provide a more complete picture of your health status and help determine appropriate therapies as well as monitor progress of treatment. Please understand that effective care may be initiated without testing and testing can be done gradually over time.


More than 87,000 chemicals are in use in the United States with more than 3,000 chemicals added to our food supply - over 10,000 chemicals in the form of solvents, emulsifiers, and preservatives are used in food processing, packaging, wrapping and storage. EPA studies of human fat biopsies have found styrene residue in 100% of people. Indeed, according to the EPA, our bodies accumulate 210 mcg of just plasticizers (phthalates) everyday. Others have demonstrated that most of us have between 400 and 800 chemical residues stored in the fat cells of out bodies. The problem is excretion. Most of these potentially harmful chemicals just sit there and cannot be metabolized. 

Our eliminative channels can become blocked or dysfunctional - because in conjunction with these synthetic chemical toxins in our environment, the western diet is acid forming and devitalized of nutrients. In an attempt to detoxify substances such as these, our bowels, kidneys, liver and immune systems are being overloaded. Toxins can also be generated by the bacteria/yeast/parasites that live on or in our bodies. The process of detox is simply anything that removes those toxins. Symptoms of toxicity can be varied and may include: poor circulation, swelling, headaches, migraines, stress, anxiety, depression, allergies, poor skin, yeast, arthritis, fatigue, constipation, obesity, cellulite, sinus issues, gout, digestive disorders, cold/respiratory disorders, insomnia, bloating, and gas. 

The ultimate benefit and very purpose of detoxification is to release the incredible power of our immune system! Every day our immune system defends us from pollution and foreign invaders, including our own cells when they mutate into cancer causing cells. Only our immune systems can repair, heal, and cure us of illness and disease. Look in any medical textbook or ask any doctor and they will tell you that any illness that goes away as a result of a prescribed course of treatment or procedures is also destined to return when the treatment does not include paying attention to the important role of the immune system. If a patient is not taught to acknowledge the importance of changing their lifestyle to better support their immune system, as part of their long term recovery plan, the old disease or some other new one is almost always certain to re-manifest.


The first step in dealing with toxicity is to stop the exposure. This is not always as easy as it seems. Certainly, if you are drinking water that is contaminated with mercury, arsenic, or lead - you should stop - and this is easily identifiable. We look to the local environment surrounding a patient to get clues as to what might be those external sources. If you live downwind from a manufacturing facility, maybe we need to look at what materials that facility is putting into the environment. Internal sources of toxicity are harder to identify. There may be a hidden overgrowth of yeast or fermenting bacteria in the intestine that is creating problems. There may also be hidden infections in the dental roots or in the sinuses. Finally, there are any number of environmental compounds that can set off a toxicity reaction. 

There are numerous toxins we are all exposed to each day. We understand that they cannot be completely avoided, but there are some steps you can take to become aware of them and try to minimize or reduce them. Many household cleaners, pesticides, fertilizers, paints, etc. are very toxic and should be removed from your house wherever possible. Use organic/ nontoxic cleaning products that do not contain ammonia or chlorine. Brands such as Planet, Ecover, Seventh Generation, Earth Friendly and/or EcoFriendly are available at most stores. Stay away from VOC paint (Home Depot carries a no VOC brand). Do not install new carpeting or padding. Use stainless steel and/or glass to cook foods in. Throw away the Teflon pans! Never heat up plastic in the microwave with food or drinks in them (it leaches into food). Don’t cook on or with aluminum foil, use parchment paper. Consider installing a water filter for your home. If not possible, you can obtain an inexpensive filter for your kitchen sink and tub at a very reasonable cost. Use that water source for cooking, drinking, and bathing. If you need dental work, never use “silver” fillings, as they contain mercury. Avoid flu vaccines that contain mercury and aluminum. Use fluoride free toothpaste. Fluoride is a potent neuro-toxin. Natural toothpastes will do an effective job at preventing tooth decay without being poisonous. Avoid antiperspirants and cookware containing aluminum. 





The "Universal Baseline" makes EAV a viable testing method









A Balanced Reading: The EAV Meter gives us conductance readings and there is intrinsic value in this; however the actual reason that we can use EAV to evaluate the meridians is because, as Dr. Voll discovered that there is a Universal Baseline.  Regardless of who is tested, no matter what their age, weight, sex, or race, a reading of 50 with no change over time (no indicator drop), is an indication of an energetically healthy or “Balanced” meridian.


  • Non-invasive, comprehensive evaluation for gaining valuable information about the body’s vital functions and energetic health
  • Primary objective: to disclose patterns of stress and provide feedback to restore each organ system and meridian energy pathway to balance using remedies,  whole food, supplements and/or herbs



What is an EMAP?

EMAP testing is a form of computerized information gathering, based on physics, not chemistry. A noninvasive electric probe is placed at specific points on the hands or feet, corresponding to acupuncture meridian points at the beginning or end of energy meridians. Minute electrical discharges from these points serve as information signals about the condition of the body’s organs and systems, useful for a practitioner in evaluation and developing a treatment plan.


In the late 1940’s, a German medical doctor and engineer, Dr. Reinhard Voll, began researching and proving an innovative testing method know known as EAV (elecro-acupuncture according to Voll) or EDS (electro-dermal screening).  This method was documented and proven in over a decade of hospital studies in Germany; and, today, EAV is widely used throughout Europe by over 25,000 medical practitioners.  In the United States, EAV is currently growing in acceptance particularly by medical practitioners who specialize in integrative/alternative/holistic techniques.  We call this testing an EMAP (energy mapping of acupuncture-points) at Bio Energy Medical Center.

The EAV/EMAP combines what is known of skin conduction changes with the Eastern concepts of meridians and reflex points.  We have known for some time that the resistance of the skin to the flow of electricity, or skin conductance, changes depending on the stress the body is under.  This called the galvanic skin resistance (GSR).  GSR is one of the parameters measured in a standard polygraph test.  The theory is that if a person is lying, they are under increased stress; and this stress will manifest as a decrease in GSR (an increase in conductivity).  Acupuncture teaches us that the body, in addition to the circulation and nervous system, has a third system of circuits through which energy circulates.  There are important points along these circuits—the acupuncture points—that correlate with a particular organ.  If an organ is under stress, that stress will be reflected in the acupuncture point.  When we combine the two concepts of stress induced GSR changes and organ reflex points, we arrive at the EAV.  The idea is that if an organ is stressed, the corresponding reflex point will reflex point will reflect that stress (the acupuncture theory).  If we measure the conductivity at that point, it should be higher than another point that does not reflect that organ (the GSR theory).  This is the basis for an EMAP.


Balanced Reading:

The EAV Meter gives us conductance readings and there is intrinsic value in this; however the actual reason that we can use EAV to evaluate the meridians is because, as Dr. Voll discovered that there is a Universal Baseline.  Regardless of who is tested, no matter what their age, weight, sex, or race, a reading of 50 with no change over time (no indicator drop), is an indication of an Energetically healthy or “Balanced” meridian.

Irritation and Inflammation:

Readings at points that are significantly above 50 (65+) indicate “Irritation” of the Meridian.  Readings above 75 exhibit “Inflammation” of a Meridian.  This is easily understood.  We all have observed or experienced that inflamed tissue is swollen.  It holds more liquid than its normal state of being.  We also know that the more liquid equates to more electrical conductivity.  Therefore, we should have a higher conductivity reading if a tissue is inflamed.

Indicator Drops and Impaired Functionality:

When a reading steadily drops in value from the high point down, this is known as an “Indicator Drop" (ID), and this can display a weakness or disturbance in the meridian.  From a functional standpoint it can be said that the Meridian is “Functionally Impaired”.


Functionally Compromised Readings:

When a reading is significantly lower than 50 (below 40) then it is believed that this meridian is displaying “low energy” properties.  A chronically inflamed organ will eventually stop performing as it loses the fight.  It may become hardened, as happens in liver cirrhosis.  As organs harden, they lose their hydration, and thus cannot conduct electricity as they once did, therefore producing “low energy” readings.


Remedy Testing expands the range of capability in EAV Testing

In his studies, Dr. Voll discovered “Remedy Testing”.  He found that different remedies might affect the readings on different Meridians.  For example, if you are testing the Liver Meridian and the practitioner tests several different remedies on the “Test Plate” (a metal plate used for remedy Testing on an EAV device), some of these remedies may change the conductance readings on the Liver Meridian.  If a particular remedy causes the Liver Meridian reading to become more “Balanced” (closer to 50, and less Indicator Drop or flatter), then the practitioner would consider this specific remedy to be “Bio-Compatible”.  Biocompatible means; the remedy produces a favorable or “Positive Response” Energetically.

What makes Remedy Testing a remarkable tool is that the Remedy is being tested on an Energetic level.  The patient does not have to ingest the remedy, smell the remedy, see the remedy or feel the remedy.  Earlier we mentioned that the Energetic System is extremely sensitive and aware to everything going on in your body.  It is also sensitive to everything outside of your body within a certain range.  If you come within close proximity to anything, your body’s Energetic System will know the nature of that substance.  Just as your body has an Energy field surrounding it so does every other creature and substance. Every remedy has its own specific Energy field and when your body senses this field it knows what the remedy is.  This Energy field will pass through glass or plastic bottles with no interference, and your Energetic System knows what is inside a sealed bottle.

The practitioner’s task is to find a single substance or combination of substances that will balance the point, which means, bring its reading back close to 50 without an Indicator Drop. The computer stores the energy signals of thousands of different substances, toxins, and remedies.


Homeopathic Remedies

Much of EAV Remedy Testing is based on a specific type of remedy called Homeopathy.  A Homeopathic Remedy is made by successively diluting a substance in water (alcohol or glycerin is added to stabilize the remedy).  The dilution process is repeated many times to the point where there is very, very little, or even none of the original substance in the solution.  The more diluted the Homeopathic the more powerful it becomes.  This is difficult to fathom because we are used to chemical remedies, but Homeopathy is more of an Energetic or Informational Remedy.

A homeopathic remedy does not affect the body through chemistry; rather it stimulates the body’s own mechanisms through an Energetic Signal.  For example, homeopathically prepared Mercury is not toxic and creates no side effect in the body, but it can stimulate the body’s own mechanisms to detoxify itself of Mercury.  Using this information let’s say we take a Mercury homeopathic remedy and test this on the Liver Meridian with an EAV device.  If we get a favorable balancing response, then we can assume that this remedy is Biocompatible to the Liver Meridian.  And, on an Energetic level we can say that the body is toxic with Mercury.

Using this testing model, Dr. Voll and his researchers developed a well-organized, methodology for EAV.  To this day European EAV practitioners use hundreds of homeopathically prepared test samples (bottled in sealed 1 ml. ampoules), to determine what types of toxins, virus, bacteria, parasites, fungus, environmental effects and allergies Energetically affect the Meridians.  Even emotional aspects can be tested in this manner.  Recent technological advances in the United States have taken this method one step further with the addition of computers technology.  The process of taking small test ampoules, one at a time and placing them on the Test Plate is slow and cumbersome.  A computer can automate and expedite this procedure using some advanced techniques.


Who should have an EMAP?

Anyone concerned about their health. According to energy medicine theory, every disease state is preceded by and indicated by an energy signal, detectable by EAV/EMAP device which gathers information through the acupuncture meridian system.  The detection of energy imbalances in the body provides an early warning system for potential disruptions in biochemical balance and function that may lead to disease. EMAP testing can indicate the degree of stress that is affecting an organ and it can monitor the progress of therapy, avoiding trial and error and general guesswork.


Does an EMAP hurt?

NO. An EMAP offers a quick, non-invasive screening method for determining health imbalances and is a compliment to the standard testing procedures in common use. A probe connected to a computer is placed on several different points on the hands or feet that correlate to energy meridians.   Nothing is felt by the person being tested. A practitioner can test all of the basic Meridians in just a few minutes and by evaluating each reading, she can determine the general Energetic condition of all the organs and glands. It has a great value in giving us a hands on assessment tool.  It should be clearly understood that EAV/EMAP testing is not a standard medical procedure.  It is an energetic assessment of an individual.  Even though an EMAP is not accepted as a standard medical diagnostic tool, the information provided from this testing is invaluable for the general assessment of a patient’s condition and comparing values before and after treatment.  We have found tremendous success using EMAP as a powerful tool for determining preventative and bio-compatible remedy therapies for our patients.


Can detect an individual’s Unique Needs

EMAP testing enables the practitioner to detect early signals from the patient’s energy field, and, further, provides highly specific information that assists in selecting the therapies most appropriate for that patient. In effect, it often enables the practitioner to see disease before it manifests as pathology or to detect it at its earliest stage of manifestation. Even better, the specificity of EMAP allows the practitioner to select the appropriate dose and strength, enabling the adjustment and calibration of the dose precisely to the unique energy and biochemical parameters of the individual patient. Generally, it is not just a matter of simply matching a homeopathic remedy with a particular disease, but matching the remedy to the individual person.


How often should I have an EMAP and how long does it take?

For healthy people who are using this testing to evaluate their energy baselines, once per year is recommended. For those with chronic disease/conditions, frequent appointments are usually necessary to evaluate multiple substances and categories available to test, and also to monitor the progress of any treatment. Many different profiles can be used to evaluate toxicity, allergies, bacterial, fungal, and parasitical parameters. On average, once every six weeks is recommended, however, we will design a plan and make personal recommendations for each individual. The testing takes approximately one hour.


Darkfield Microscopy

This is how our blood looks when we are experiencing optimum health. The red blood cells are uniform in size and round. They reside freely in their own space, not overlapping or sticking together, but gently bouncing off each other. The blood serum surrounding the cells is clear without parasitic forms, bacteria, clots, or or other undesired floating masses. 


The circulatory system is the means by which oxygen, nutrients, antibodies, and hormones are transported to the cells to keep them alive and functioning. Blood is the vehicle used by the body to transport these to our tissues and performs many important functions in the body. Live blood analysis uses a drop of live blood from the persons finger to evaluate various components of blood. This can provide insight into how well our digestive, circulatory, and immune systems are functioning. Components such as red blood cells (RBC’s), platelets, plasma and white blood cells (WBC’s) are evaluated for early detection of precursors of serious health problems, and/or toxins are also assessed. A Darkfield examination provides details about the blood not evaluated in any other way.

What is special about the Darkfield?

A special microscope is used that is designed to permit diversion of light rays that results in illumination of the slide from the side, so that details, appear light against a dark background (as opposed to light passing straight through the specimen). If bright lights from the microscope pass directly through the specimen, the heat from the light source will kill the red blood cells (RBC) faster. Also, by diverting the light rays, a greater amount of depth and detail can be viewed. Where standard laboratory tests are generally quantitative (how many cells are there?), Darkfield microscopy is qualitative (what is the condition of the cells and the quality of the surrounding fluids). One can have the right number of cells; but the function of those cells could be impaired due to factors such as over-acidification of the blood and tissues or the excessive presence of bacteria, mold, toxins, fungus and yeast resulting in useless cells.

Rouleau (Inflammation stacking of coins) and Filit formations (webbing)

When the blood gets to this condition, the amount of oxygen that can be transported is severely diminished. This condition is caused by high fat/protein diets and high acidity. Your blood will look like this if you drink one soda and will stay that way for atleast two hours. Because your cells are not getting oxygen, you will feel tired, have poor digestion, and skin disorders. Webbing may be caused by Liver congestion from toxins such as antibiotics, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and coffee. Rouleau may be a sign of early autoimmune diseases such as lupus, MS, and Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Colloid Symplasts (Toxic Crystals)

Toxins pumped out of the RBC’s come together to form crystals in the plasma. This indicates excess body toxicity. Depending on the number seen per slide, it can be a risk factor for many degenerative and inflammatory diseases.


This is a fungus that feeds on undigested food and sugar in the digestive tract. The white spots are signs of this yeast. The principle yeast is Candida albicans which may be found in people with a leaky gut or impaired intestinal permeability. This condition is indicative of over acidity as yeast cannot live in an alkaline environment.

Cholesterol Crystal

Cholesterol is a sterol in the body that is the precursor for many hormones. Only when the body is acidic does the cholesterol cystalize and become a problem. Cholesterol crystals may be caused by poor digestion of fats, low essential fatty acids, and/or high LDL. They can be an early sign of atherosclerosis.


These proteins can be seen when parasites are present in the body. Although they can exist in many organs, parasites are primarily found in the digestive tract. These parasite markers are signs of significant toxicity.

Poikilocytosis (Spiculated red blood cells/free radical damage)

This condition is caused by free radicals. This also lowers the bloods oxygen carrying capacity and shortens the life of the cell. RBC’s don’t have nuclei, so they will not mature; however the fact that there is free radical damage implies that there may also be damage to the nuclei of tissue cells. This can lead to mutations that result in cancer. Poikilocytosis may be caused by drugs, toxins, alcohol, food additives, pesticides, lowered antioxidant capacity, and/or lack of good nutrients in diet.


Before having a Darkfield analysis, it is important to not have anything to eat or drink in the previous four to six hours, as this can impact the results dramatically. The procedure is performed by obtaining a drop of blood from a finger. This drop of blood is placed on a microscope slide, and the slide is placed under a specially adapted microscope that projects the dynamic image, magnified 1400 times, onto a video screen. By viewing the blood while still living, observations can be made that detect clues as to the relative health of the blood, thereby, the whole person. The blood never lies: if you are healthy, your blood will look healthy. If you are not, the blood will not. This test is an excellent way to determine where you are on your journey to health and is recommended at least annually to observe health status.

What can a Darkfield tell you?

Interpretation of the Darkfield can detect early signs of illness from the forms on the slide. Specifically, Darkfield Microscopy reveals distortions of red blood cells, possible undesirable bacterial/fungal/parasitic life forms, inflammation, and immune activity. The general pattern of findings is most revealing of a person’s imbalances. Certain findings or combination of findings may indicate: nutritional deficiency (vitamins/minerals), digestive disorders, infections, hormonal imbalances, immune dysfunction, environmental toxicity, internal toxicity, and/or altered blood pH. The findings in the blood can be seen early in diseases/conditions, sometimes before symptoms appear or before the disease is diagnosable. Early intervention and changes in health habits can alter the course of person’s health. Darkfield testing can be used to reassess for changes after treatments and/or changes in lifestyle are implemented to monitor progress as well. Repeat testing is based on individual condition and/or results from previous testing.

Why is this testing not routine or used by conventional doctors?

Conventional medicine, for the most part, does not recognize functional medicine. Most of our medical test measure physical attributes—size, shape, numbers—and not functions. Doctors are taught disease process and to detect diseases after it meets their criteria. Darkfield testing requires direct examination of the blood and most importantly interpretation of what the blood; and most importantly, interpretation of what is seen. They are taught to read results performed by another, with either a positive or negative result, based on the ranges. They do not believe that subtle changes in the blood or nutritional status can alter functions of the blood or the impair organs or tissues until significant damage is done. This is why you can have significant disease and the traditional blood work will look completely normal. This is not the case with Darkfield analysis. Usually before significant physical symptoms manifest, a Darkfield Analysis will show problems.


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