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New appointments

Thank you for your interest in becoming a patient at Bio Energy Medical Center. Please follow these instructions to ensure we have all the information necessary to schedule your appointment. We ask that you bring in all completed new patient paperwork and all your current medications and supplements. If the patient is on the Autism Spectrum, we require the paperwork and a deposit to schedule, as this is a two hour appointment. Please note that as of October 1, 2021, BEMC only takes original Medicare insurance for our nurse practitioners. Dr. Neu does not accept insurance. If you plan to bill Medicare, we will need your insurance card and photo identification. Please allow 90 minutes for your first visit to include check in and check out. We respect your time and operate our business in a timely manner. We do not double book patients and in consideration of other patients, we regret that late arrivals (10 minutes late for 30 minute appointment and 20 minutes late for 60 minute appointments) will need to reschedule. Due to the length of the appointment time with our providers, we will need to confirm your new patient appointment with you at least one week before the appointment.If we are not able to confirm, we will cancel; and you will need to reschedule. Finally, please remember in this office, appointments are reserved exclusively for you as we do not double book any appointment. All of our providers have a waiting list. Our policy on cancellations, rescheduling, and no-show appointments are as follows: For Dr. Neuenschwander and our nurse practitioners a two business days’ notice is required or 100% of the fee for that appointment will be charged to reschedule. For our other providers, if an appointment is broken without at least one full business day, you will be charged 50% of the fee for that appointment. You will need to pay this fee before rescheduling. We look forward to meeting your needs and helping you on your journey to optimal health.


Fees (Medical Visits)

Our fees are very reasonable for the care you desire and deserve. The fee is determined on complexity, length of time, and severity of the condition. Our office visit fees range from $140.00 to $600.00. In general, the fees are on average $280.00-400.00 per hour. We have an obligation to be profitable in order to remain open. We intentionally set our fees at a reasonable level to make this office affordable. We encourage you to contact other offices to inquire what they charge for 30-60 minutes of time with their providers. Part of our fee schedule is a no-show fee/late cancellation fee (50%-100% of charges). We require two business days’ notice for appointments with Dr. Neuenschwander and our nurse practitioners. 24 hours for all other providers to avoid charges.


Payment and insurance

Payment for services Payment for services rendered is due in full at the conclusion of each visit. Payment for each visit is the responsibility of the adult who accompanies the patient if that patient is a child or adolescent. Payment methods accepted are cash, check, Visa, American Express and MasterCard. We do not offer payment plans. 


Insurance billing 

Our providers will NOT participate with any commercial insurance plans effective October 1, 2021. Our nurse practitioners will continue to participate with Original Medicare. If you have an insurance plan that provides out-of-network benefits, we will provide you a detailed receipt for you to submit for possible reimbursement. Dr. Neuenschwander does not participate with Medicare. Medicare patients must sign a private contract with Dr. Neuenschwander and agree to pay for his services without any reimbursement from Medicare. Payment is expected at the time or service. A $35.00 fee is charged for any checks returned from your banking institution.


Telephone and e-mail

Appointments for telephone consultations are available for existing patients during regular business hours. In general, there is no fee for brief telephone calls for uncomplicated urgent questions. For nonurgent matters that would best be attended to during an appointment, we request that you either (a) schedule and in-person or telephone consultation or (b) hold your question until your next appointment. This generally applies to questions that change the course of care or will take longer than 10 minutes to respond to either by phone or e-mail. Non-urgent calls that occur after hours or on weekends, or more extended telephone consultations over 10 minutes that occur at any time, will be billed at the same consultation rate as in-person visits and you will be sent a bill. After-hours calls should be limited to urgent issues and emergencies. We are currently available for brief questions by e-mail. E-mails which take over 10 minutes to read and reply will be billed at the in-person consultation rate. Please do not write any urgent e-mail messages that require same-day attention. By sending an e-mail, you acknowledge and agree that a prompt reply is NOT required, expected, or contemplated. Telephone/e-mail consultations require a credit card guarantee, which will be charged for time spent over 10 minutes, prorated in 15 minute increments. 


Test results 

The practitioners at Bio Energy Medical Center may order lab tests as deemed appropriate in the management of your/your child’s care. Your practitioner will review each of the lab tests ordered and notify you if any result requires immediate attention. Otherwise, all test results will be reviewed at your next scheduled appointment. It is your responsibility to schedule a follow-up appointment to discuss test results. Results for test kits that are sent to specialized labs generally have a 4-week turnaround time, so please be sure to schedule a lab review appointment for 4 weeks from the time that you submit all test kits. Copies of lab results will be provided to patients at the time of lab review with your practitioner.


Prescription refills or requests

We require an appointment for all new prescription requests. In most cases, we require an appointment every six months for prescription refill requests. It is very important that we assess and document how the treatment is working, any side effects, changes in medical conditions, and/or changes in other medications, to continue to prescribe prescription medications. This is good medical practice and we expect to see you every six months, unless otherwise directed by your medical provider. You should receive enough refills on any prescriptions that are needed until your next scheduled appointment. We may extend your refills up to one month to allow a schedule change for appointments that cannot be met or to get the appropriate blood work done, if necessary. Due to Dr. Neuenschwander’s busy schedule, you may need to see one of our nurse practitioners to obtain a refill.


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