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Holistic Medicine Specialist

Bio Energy Medical Center

Integrative Health Care & Medical Center located in Ann Arbor, MI

Each of us is the sum of our body, mind, spirit and emotions and when any part no longer works as it should, all other parts are affected as well. That’s the theory behind holistic medicine as well as the theory that drives the health care providers at Bio Energy Medical Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Call today to get started on a complete and natural path to wellness.

Holistic Medicine Q & A

What is holistic medicine?

Holistic medicine attempts to combine not only the body/mind/spirit into one but also the idea that multiple symptoms are probably the result of one or two issues. At Bio Energy Medical Center, we extend that Holism to include the use of all elements available to healing—whether it be herbs, medications, diet, nutrients, exercise, acupuncture, detox programs, meditation, or lifestyle changes.

What is BEMC’s approach to Holistic Medicine?

We are always looking at the underlying cause of a patient’s symptoms. Using advanced biochemical testing of blood, urine, stool, hair, and saliva along with genomic testing where indicated, we start with a much more complete view of a person’s health. Is that hypertension a simple matter of genetics or is it a result of metabolic syndrome? Knowing that answer makes a big difference in treatment options. This approach is particularly important with any chronic conditions. Understanding the underlying cause(s) gives a patient the opportunity to change and heal.

Does holisitic medicine exclude the use of medications?

Dr. Neuenschwander does prescribe medications where indicated. The idea is to treat the underlying condition so that medications are not needed. Most medications simply mask the symptom, rather than treating its cause. Heart disease is caused by inflammatory injury to the lining of the arteries leading to the heart, and not form a lack of a statin drug. Understanding that diet, lifestyle changes, and nutrients can make a significant change in that inflammatory injury will result in the chance for a better outcome.

How can holistic medicine help my chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia?

So many patients with these syndromes have over activation of their immune systems and dysfunction of energy production. Part of the holistic approach is to identify the cause of that over activation and energy dysfunction. Is it a hormonal issue? A chronic stealth infection? A nutritional issue? A reaction to the diet? The result of an environmental toxin? All of these questions can be answered with this approach.