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Are Your Genetics Impacting Your Ability to Lose Weight - Let's Find Out

We all know that losing weight can be pretty expensive, and many programs out there involve specialized food and costly supplements. What’s worse, it’s hard to know upfront whether or not a certain weight loss program will even work for you. Is there really any way to determine, in advance, if a specific weight loss program will be the most effective, at the most reasonable price for you?

Good news –there is! At BEMC we now offer DNA Genetique Weight and Wellness Profile where we can look right into your genes to see what weight-related genetic issues you may have so we can tailor a program specific to you. This well-researched report provides the best suggestions for diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices customized specifically to the information uncovered in YOUR genetic information. For example, if your profile shows that you have trouble feeling full, it’s time we have a conversation about measuring food portions. Or if cravings are an issue, we may suggest some homeopathic products to keep those cravings away.


When it comes to weight loss programs, we know that the first question on everyone’s mind is “does the this work” and the second being, “what will I have to pay”. The genetics report itself is $495. Now, the upfront costs may seem prohibitive, however, over the long run, it’s more cost-effective to use the correct customized tools than to try many different weight loss programs without knowing if they will work for you. Remember, too, that this test is a one-time expense—your genes do not change over time so once the information is uncovered, it doesn’t change.


DNA Genetique can help you answer questions like these:

To maximize the results of a DNA Genetique test, many medical providers have found great success in combining the DNA Genetique program with a specific weight management program, the hA2cg Evolution. A cost comparison showed that by using the DNA Genetique results with the hA2cg Evolution diet program, it would cost someone less in time and money to lose 30 pounds and maintain that loss than it does to lose 30 pounds with some of the other weight loss programs out there. So, let’s talk more about the hA2cg Evolution program:


What is the hA2cg Evolution? The hA2 cg Evolution is a revolutionary, weight-management product designed to support medically supervised calorie-restricted weight loss plans such as the Evolution Weight-Management Program.


How does it hA2cg work? These groundbreaking homeopathic weight loss drops contain two bio-identical active amino acid chain groups that are naturally found in human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). By providing a clearer and more concentrated message to the body, these two amino acid chains together with the 21 focused and supportive homeopathic ingredients in hA2cg Evolution optimize the outcome of a practitioner supervised Evolution Weight-Management Program. This is deemed safer and more effective than the "hCG' diet.



What are the results of the hA2cg Evolution program? This weight management program has been found to be the most advanced and comprehensive formula ever designed to be used in conjunction with a calorie-restricted diet. Formulated using homeopathic homochords, hA2cg Evolution’s comprehensive formula supports weight loss and can help alieve symptoms that come with dieting and fat release such as hunger, food cravings, headaches, decreased energy, fatigue, and other common discomforts commonly associated with calorie-restricted diets.



For more information on combining a DNA Genetique testing with the hA2cg Evolution program, please call our office at 734-995-3200 to set up a weight loss consultation appointment with Dr.Uma, or visit our website at or

Umangini Desai, CCH, RSHOM (NA), BHMS Uma joined Bio Energy Medical Center in 2000. She belongs to a family of medical practitioners, which has been engaged in the field of medicine for over fifty years. The atmosphere in her family has always been conducive to education, since her grandfather and other relatives are medical practitioners, microbiologists, and pharmacists and Uma knew, from an early age, that she wanted to be part of the medical profession; because it helps mankind to be healthier and happier. Understanding "simila similibus curentour"—"like cures like", the principle of homeopathy—Uma decided to make this her career path.

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