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Influenzinum - A Non-Toxic Alternative to the Flu Shot

We have all heard in some form or another that flu season is upon us. It seems we cannot go anywhere these days without hearing the push to get a flu shot - including your own living room (thanks to those new TV commericals shown on every break). Unfortunately, the media isn't the only one encouraging us to get the shot this year - schools, workplaces, stores and pharmacies all now set up flu clinics providing free flu vaccines for all. Stores across the country offer store coupons as an incentive to get the vaccine there. The point is, we as a society are constantly bombarded with the message that we NEED a flu shot. And not just that, we will be rewarded if we get a flu shot. 

Given my own experience, this reptitive messaging seems to be working. It was interesting that during my cross-country carpool, all the children in my car were actually talking about the flu shot. The conversation went a little something like this:

Kid A: mentioned, "I have to get the flu shot - even though I don’t like it."

Kid B: said, "I don’t get the flu shot, but my mom (homeopath) gives me these tiny pills every week and it should prevent the flu and I'm glad that I don’t have to take the shot. "

Kid A: said, "Really?? It couldn't be, because you HAVE TO get the shot."

Kid B: mentioned, "Well, ask my mom then??"

Remember that these are smart and curious kids, who understood my following suggestions. 

As I was listening to that conversation between the kids, it inspired me to write this blog. I explained to the kids that you have to be responsible for having good hygiene, washing your hands, sleeping properly, hydrating regularly, and being positive - which will help with stress responses.

No matter where you stand on the flu shot debate, kids need to be educated that they have the ability to choose for their health. This is the messaging that we should be bombarded society with. Instead, what are we engraining in their brain? The scare tactic that they must get a flu shot. I can go on and on. 

So, what do I do to keep families healthy without the shot? Homeoprophylaxis - which can be used for almost all infectious diseases. I found this protocol after my daughter had a bad reaction to one of the standard vaccines, and it was out of FEAR of the infectious disease that I found the gem in my own therapy. 

What is Homeoprophylxis?

Homeoprophylaxis has been used in underdeveloped countries with full success. Without going in the exact statistics, I'd like to mention that the goal of HP is to give the developing immune system a mild immunological stimulation towards a variety of infectious disease processes using homeopathic nosodes. A nosode is a homeopathically attenuated, ultra-diluted preparation of a pure disease agent. Each child responds to this stimulation in her/his own way, based on their unique susceptibility. A normal immune response can include fever, fussiness, and discharge based on the symptom characteristics of the nosode given. As there is no actual disease agent in the nosode, it is normal for this mini-immunological expression of the general, innate immune system to pass on its own within 12-24 hours of taking the remedy. This immunological rehearsal, or education process, is what builds immunity. 

Where can I find the correct nosode & HP for the flu?

Every year, the new flu strain in United States has been prepared by the homeopathic pharmacy that follows the HPUS (Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of he United States) and FDA rules. This year, the nosodes will be available by the 1st of the November 2018. 

Influenzinum is the homeopathic prescription and it has to be supervised under certified classical homeopath, who understand the advanced homeopathy and the homeoprophylaxis. This homeopathic remedy is made from the season's inactivated influenza vaccine. This homeopathic prescription provides natural support to:

- strengthen the body and increase its resistance to the season’s flu viruses,
- protect against cold & flu symptoms such as body aches, nausea, chills, fever, headaches, sore throat, coughs, and congestion,
- enforce the flu vaccine's action if you have opted for the flu shot,
- deal with aftereffects of the flu, and
- alleviate adverse effects of the flu shot

To learn more about how to best protect your family, you can call our office, Bio Energy Medical Center, at 734-995-3200 to make an appointment with our homeopath, Umangini Desai. 


Umangini Desai, CCH, RSHOM (NA), BHMS Uma joined Bio Energy Medical Center in 2000. She belongs to a family of medical practitioners, which has been engaged in the field of medicine for over fifty years. The atmosphere in her family has always been conducive to education, since her grandfather and other relatives are medical practitioners, microbiologists, and pharmacists and Uma knew, from an early age, that she wanted to be part of the medical profession; because it helps mankind to be healthier and happier. Understanding "simila similibus curentour"—"like cures like", the principle of homeopathy—Uma decided to make this her career path.

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