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Losing Weight as a Couple: Disastrous or Twice the Determination?

When it comes to losing weight, it can often feel impossible when your partner isn’t on the same page. Ever try eating a spinach salad while the person across from you is enjoying a slice of pepperoni pizza – 10/10 wouldn’t recommend it. For most of us, dieting and exercising can be more fun (and more successful) when you have an accountability buddy. Your partner already should be the most supportive person in your life, it only makes sense to join forces on the journey to health and wellness.

This was the case for Irvin French, 85, and wife Marlene French, 80, as they both decided to take their health to the next level by utilizing the Evolution Weight Management protocol monitored by Uma Desai, homeopathic provider at BEMC.

The longtime couple both had goals of losing weight, gaining energy and maintaining weight loss. As we all know, the only way to do that is a lifestyle change. To kickstart this journey, Mr. and Mrs. French utilized detoxing and the Evolution Weight Management protocol. 

Within 26 days, Marlene lost 14lbs and Irvin lost 16lbs. We asked them a few questions to get more details on their journey:

BEMC: What was the best part of the diet?

MF: “I didn’t find myself hungry like I had been on other diets I’ve tried. My skin brightened the most it had in years, and inflammation in my thumb went away. Up until the diet I had constant inflammation in it for a year.” 

BEMC: Was the food and menu difficult to follow?

IF: “No, in fact I thought I would have so much fish - but found a variety in the options. I was never starving and couldn’t even finish my meals.”

BEMC: What, if any, exercising did you maintain?

MF: “Irvin went on walks 15 minutes a day, and I was able to maintain my daily routine and continue to garden.”

BEMC: How did you feel at the beginning of the diet compared to the end/introduction into maintenance phase of the protocol?

MF: “Before the diet and during first week of it, I was still taking a nap during the day. Come second week, I did not feel like I needed them anymore. After those first seven days, I felt refreshed in the morning and had more energy.

BEMC: What was helpful to you throughout the diet?

MF: “Having one another was the most helpful tool. Aside from that, the Omni Cleanse booklet provided with the diet was helpful for go-to instructions and menu options. Uma giving us a calendar to follow was helpful.”

BEMC: What would you recommend to others interested?

IF: “Do it now. Come and see Uma.”

It is important to note results of the Evolution Weight Management protocol vary. This protocol should be monitored by a physician. Questions? To get more information on how it may help you, please call our office to schedule an initial consultation with Uma.

Bethany Wojnar, EMT-B Bethany has been working with Bio Energy Medical Center since 2017. With a background in advertising and social media, she handles all things marketing along with administrative tasks. She graduated from Central Michigan University in 2014 and is certified by National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians.

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