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Winner! BEMC awarded 2019 Ann Arbor Family Favorites - Natural & Homeopathic Health

We are excited to FINALLY share that Bio Energy Medical Center is a 2019 Ann Arbor Family Press 'Family Favorites - Doctor's Orders' Winner for 'Natural and Homeopathic Health'.

Thank you, everyone, for the support and votes!


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A little more about us...

Bio Energy Medical Center is a holistic center focused on total physical and mental health. We provide compassionate family-oriented wellness care. Directed by Dr. James Neuenschwander, the Bio Energy approach to patient care incorporates prevention, energy balance and natural ways of healing.

Our ultimate goal is to facilitate your innate healing capacity and lead you to true wellness with an individually tailored therapeutic program that is specific to your health needs. Bio Energy Medical Center's services include Acupuncture, Classical Homeopathy, IV-Therapy, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Children's Health, Weight Loss, Infertility and many others. We use a variety of specialty lab tests, energy tests, and live blood cell analysis to identify the core clinical imbalances that are contributing to your health problems. We assess your nutritional status and vitamin levels, digestive health and detoxification capacity, mitochondrial function, adrenal stress and more.

Bethany Wojnar, EMT-B Bethany has been working with Bio Energy Medical Center since 2017. With a background in advertising and social media, she handles all things marketing along with administrative tasks. She graduated from Central Michigan University in 2014 and is certified by National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians.

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